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70L Stainless Steel Honey Heating Tank

70L Stainless Steel Honey Heating Tank


Electric Honey Heating & Storage Tank

The product is a double-layer stainless steel interlayer water heating tank, mainly used to heat honey or heat other liquid.


1.Before using the product, please install water level indicator and honey valve;

2.Confirm whether the input voltage meets the requirements or not;

3.Inject clean water from the water injection port. Observe the height of injected water level from the water level indicator

1.The product is designed to heat honey or other liquids by heating the water in the interlayer of honey tank. It is forbidden to apply ohmic heating, when water level indicator is not installed, or the water source is not injected into the interlayer, or the water level is too low, otherwise it will dry the heating tube and damage heating tank.

2.Drain the water in the interlayer after use;

3.Please use clean water. Other water sources may cause scale formation when the heating tube is used for a long time.

70L Stainless Steel Honey Heating Tank

Diameter: 400mm

Total height: 700mm

Diameter(innerouter) 450mm X 480mm


Temp control: 30° c — 110°c

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