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WBC Bee Hive (Fully Assembled)

WBC Bee Hive (Fully Assembled)


Manufactured by Apis Bee Supplies. The Classic Cottage Garden hive is admired by beekeepers worldwide for its attractive and stable design. This double walled hive offers great protection against the weather. A stunning focal point for any garden, large or small, especially when painted white. If you wish to paint it, we recommend two coats of good quality undercoat and, once thoroughly dry, a coat of quality gloss paint.

The standard WBC hive is supplied ready assembled


The hive consists of a floor and 3 outer boxes which are called (lifts) inside the lifts you have your standard national beehive. with your brood boxes and supers. the main principle around this design is that the bees are protected from the elements by not one but 2 layers of timber with a small cavity in between. this allows the bees to control temperature better and thrive resulting in lower winter losses.


the hive includes


Varroa floor with legs

Lift with porch and two additional lifts

Entrance slides

Brood body with 12 DN4 frames and wired foundation

Plastic queen excluder

Two supers with 24 SN4 frames and wired foundation

Crownboard with two plastic porter bee escapes

Gabled Roof


Made from red/white deal timber

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