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Polystyrene Hive Starter Kit

Polystyrene Hive Starter Kit


Polystyrene Hive Starter Kit


1 Brood Box
1 or 2 Supers

1 Roof

1 Varroa Mesh Floor

1 Crown Board

2 Porter Bee Escapes

1 Inspection Tray
11 brood frames with wired foundation flat-packed or fully assembled.


Tool Kit includes 
- Beekeeping Suit and Gloves
- Smoker Stainless Steel
- Hive Tool
- Uncapping Fork
- Bee Brush
- Frame Holder
- Queen marking kit

This kit is designed to include everything required for novice beekeepers.


Hive options Include 11 brood frames fully assembled with foundation or flat-packed frames.


The extra super option allows you to add an extra super with or without frames and foundation as most bee colonies will require 2 to 3 supers to store their honey throughout the year.

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