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Jenter Queen Rearing Kit

Jenter Queen Rearing Kit


Jenter Queen Rearing Kit

Kit Includes - 115 plugs, 115 cups, 50 cup holders, pre-drawn comb, Insertion Aid

  • Plastic comb box: This is a plastic box containing a sheet of plastic foundation, which is coated, with a thin layer of wax. This plastic foundation has 90 pre-drilled holes in it.
  • Cell Plugs: These fit into the pre-drilled holes. They are removable and will contain the eggs and larvae at a later stage. They are hollow and beeswax must be embedded each time they are used.
  • Cover plate (rear): The plastic box has a removable rear cover plate, which allows access to the cell plugs, for their insertion/removal.
  • Queen excluder (front): The front is covered with a plastic queen excluder material, the center of which can be independently removed to insert the queen into the comb box and release her.
  • Queen cell starter cups: These are small open-ended cones. Which simply fit over the cell plugs. They are used once the cell plugs have young larvae in them. They will form the beginning of the queen cell.
  • Yellow cupholders: These larger open-ended cones conveniently hold the cell plug/queen cell start cups in place on cell bars.

Please note, the images shown on the inside of the box depict Jenter's range and not the content of this Queen Rearing Kit.

1 Queen Rearing Box, 115 cells, 115 cups, 50 queen cell holders, 50 queen cell holders, 20 queen cages 

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