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Full Cedar Rose Bee hive

Full Cedar Rose Bee hive


Full Cedar Rose Beehive

Made from cedar timber which is an anti-decay material due to a chemical substance that is found in cedar timber. It serves as a natural fungicide thereby preventing the wood from rotting which is still prevalent in the timber decades after it has been cut.


Made from locally sourced Thuja Plicata ( cedar) timber to withstand every climate.

All boxes are hand-crafted, screwed, and glued together.

The hives have integrated mesh floors for ventilation and easy varroa inspection and

are fully assembled and ready to be stocked with bees.

All hives are double-coated with Liberon bee-friendly oil for full weather resistance.
Rose Cedar Beehives are handcrafted by us at Apis Bee Supplies 🐝
The Rose Beehive is a relatively new concept that introduces a uniform size to all boxes.
This allows the beekeeper to use only one size frame within the hive boxes and makes the stacking of the units interchangeable. With this box system also comes an innovative way of beekeeping, in which the bees are given the freedom to instinctively choose where to place the brood and build honeycombs.
Additionally, due to the boxes' size and depth they can also accommodate commercial and national hive components, making the transition to the Rose Hive system very easy!


2 - 3 Rose Boxes

1 Roof

1 Varroa Mesh Floor

1 Crown Board

2 Porter Bee Escapes

1 Inspection Tray

Optional 12/24 Rose frames and wired foundation flat-packed or fully assembled.



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