Complete National Starter Kit

Complete National Starter Kit

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Complete National Starter Kit 

1 National beehive (includes frames and foundation)

1 Brood Box (assembled or flat-packed)

1 or 2 Supers (assembled or flat-packed)

1 Roof

1 Varroa Mesh Floor

1 Crown Board

1  Queen Excluder

2 Porter Bee Escapes 

1 Inspection Tray 

12 Brood Frames and Foundation (assembled of flat-packed)

12/24 Super Frames and Foundation (assembled or flat-packed)


Tool Kit Includes:

- Beekeeping suit and leather goatskin gloves

- Smoker stainless steel

- Hive tool

- Uncapping fork

- Bee Brush

- Frame holder

- Queen marking set

This kit is designed to include everything required for the novice beekeepers



The kit comes with 1 super with the option to add an extra super below.

The brood box and supers can be chosen flat-packed with all the hardware for home assembly or can be chosen pre-assembled.