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Commercial Hive Starter Kit

Commercial Hive Starter Kit


Polystyrene Beehive Starter Kit


1 Brood Box1 or 2 Supers

1 Roof

1 Varroa Mesh Floor

1 Crown Board

2 Porter Bee Escapes

1 Inspection Tray

11 brood frames and 11 or 22 super frames with wired foundation flat-packed or fully assembled.


Tool Kit includes

- Beekeeping Suit and Gloves- Smoker Stainless Steel- Hive Tool- Uncapping Fork- Bee Brush- Frame Holder- Queen marking kitThis kit is designed to include everything required for novice beekeepers.


Hive options Include 11 brood frames and 11 or 22 super frames fully assembled with foundation or flat-packed frames.


The extra super option allows you to add an extra super with or without frames and foundation as most bee colonies will require 2 to 3 supers to store their honey throughout the year.

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